Jos-Tech is on the cutting edge of thermoplastic technology.

Jos-Tech designs, develops and delivers custom plastic components for industries such as: technology, health care, military, aerospace, and commercial applications.

Thermoforming is a plastic fabricating process which involves heating sheet plastic and forming it in one of several ways. The two basic types of thermoforming processes – vacuum forming and pressure forming. There are also other processes of thermoforming such as line bending which are achieved by heating a local area of a sheet of plastic along a straight line and breaking it much as you would do in sheet metal forming. All of these types of processing make thermoforming a broad and diverse plastic forming process. Thermoformed plastics are ideally suited for many common applications such as automotive parts, consumer products, packaging, retail and display, sports and leisure, electronics, industrial and medical equipment enclosures.

The most advantageous aspects of thermoforming are its low tooling and engineering costs and fast turnaround time which makes thermoforming ideal for prototype development and low-volume production.

From light gauge to heavy gauge, thermoforming and vacuum forming are the right choice for many applications.

Clamshell Packaging used for multiple industries.

Advantages of the Thermoforming Process:

  • Design flexibility
  • Quick prototyping development
  • Material and process is optimized for cost effectiveness
  • High-speed production allows for just-in-time delivery
  • Flexible tooling design
  • Design revisions with low additional costs
  • Quality appearance
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Paintable surfaces along with custom colored materials available
  • Good flexibility for small to large product designs