Jos-Tech can provide complete consultation on the best process for your application.

The tooling required for vacuum forming is can be produced from urethane tooling board for prototype runs, high temperature epoxy for short to medium production runs and from aluminum for high quantity production runs.

Through our vacuum pressure forming process, we can custom engineer products for many different industries including aviation, automotive, food, pharmaceuticals, building materials, construction, agriculture, electronics, instrumentation, material. Please see some of our capabilities:

  • Specializing in small and medium parts.
  • Producing large sizes up to 8′ x 14′ with depths to 24″.
  • Providing design and prototype development services.
  • Full fabrication capabilities including CNC routing, punching and stamping.
  • Heavy gauge and thin gauge forming.
  • Materials include HIPs, ABS, linear polyethylene, polypropylene, acrylic

Forming Techniques Utilizing Vacuum-Form include:

  • Processing
  • Drape
  • Plug Assist
  • Snap-Back
  • Billow Plug Assist
  • Air Assist
  • Light Pressure Forming
Transparent motor and electronic covers used for multiple industries.

Jos-Tech, Inc. begins each project by identifying which plastic thermoforming process will meet a customer’s budget and quality criteria.

Vacuum Forming is the leading thermoforming process in which sheet plastic is heated and formed over a mold by removing air from the area between the mold surface and the sheet. Molds can be created from aluminum, wood, or epoxy. The mold type is only dependent on the finished product design requirements.

A wide material range makes vacuum forming a wise choice for many applications. Materials are selected based on the performance requirements.

Advantages of Vacuum Form Plastics

  • Low Tooling and Engineering Costs
  • Large Size Capability
  • Fast Turn-Around Time
  • Large Variety of Materials to Select From

Vacuum Form Process Candidates

  • OEM Equipment Covers
  • Shipping/Packaging Containers
  • Covers and Bezels
  • POP Displays
  • Automotive Parts
  • Trays and Tubs